Dahlia and Moonstone Essences

Tonight’s Full “Cold Moon” falls in Gemini and is the last #FullMoon of the year, just days before the Dec 21 #wintersolistice. It is an emotional full #moon that may tend to tug at your Heart-strings and bring up issues surrounding attachment/inclusion, boundaries, and trust- what you choose to let in, and that which you shut out. With Venus, #goddess of #love #romance and #relationships about to begin her Retrograde in #Capricorn, you may find yourself wanting to look backward, to bring up old issues, and/or the desire to literally go back and revisit things from the past- which coincidentally, coming just before the Holidays, is a time when many of you may actually be traveling back to your past, while others of you may feel increasingly aware of any loneliness and/or isolation you feel in the present. The duality of Gemini is indeed at play, ripe with energies of transformation as you prepare to enter the new year… whilst looking back to the past at the same time.

It’s moreover a time wherein past pains and a reevaluation of your relationships- as well as self-nurturing, issues around sustainability (i.e money) can come to the surface. The days surrounding both a full moon as well as a planetary #retrograde can bring more intense, heightened energy, and thus you might just find your emotional world – and the need to express it- suddenly taking center stage! All this points to the next few weeks being a great time to reach for Shanti Kai™ Venus™️ and MercurEase™️… but since you know we were gonna say that, we decided to shake it up a little and give you an alternative instead. Thus we’re recommending our Moonstone and Dahlia Master Essences- call them our “Full Moon in Gemini -Winter Solstice -Venus Retrograde Companion Essences” for soothing your emotions and increasing empathy in your relationships.

Shanti Kai™️ Dahlia Master™ Essence is one of our favorite Master Blends for complimenting the energy of Venus- AND Mercury- as it evokes an increased sense of compassion and empathy, for encouraging intuitive communication- or that which is beyond words and physical presence. It is especially known for its action on the #HeartChakra, helping you heal from past relationships whilst simultaneously opening to new ones. Shanti Kai™️ Moonstone Master™ on the other hand is a soothing, yin essence with an unexpected depth of intensity… perfect for navigating times of heightened emotion, transition, and transformation. It helps align you with the feminine, nurturing energies of unconditional love, safety, and protection- while at the same time inspiring reflection, introspection, and balance. Its a wonderful choice of Essence for the current cosmic climate -and the days and weeks that follow. It can also help you to chill the heck out, and be soothing for your words and actions – as holidays, full moons, retrogrades, and year ends can be a firecracker of a combination!

We recommend using these Essences for this full moon and throughout the retrograde period (ie ending January 25)- AND anytime you wish to bring in an increased ability to self soothe and nurture, to elevate and meditate, to empathize & understand – both within you, as well as your outer relationships.

What’s more? This duo is particularly potent as a tool for soothing the heart from past relationship trauma (as are our Venus™️, Anahata™️, Rose Master™️, Empower™️, and Jasmine: Love™️ Essences) and bringing more harmony into your existing partnerships. Spray both these essences over your third eye, temples, base of skull, crown and heart center.