Mercury is retrograde for just about another week, and while we’re almost out of the woods, the energy this transit is associated with can become more and more intense the closer we get to the day Mercury stations direct on December 6th.  For the last leg of this retrograde cycle, we are recommending our MercurEase™ and Guardian Angel™ Essences to help soften the effects of Mercury retrograde – such as miscommunication, troubles with technology, and other snafus – and to add a little extra protection and shielding as we near the end of the retrograde period.

MercurEase™ is formulated to help smooth out communication of all kinds, as well as promote a clearer state of mind and intelligent thinking.  This special formula helps you to hear what another person is “truly” saying, and may aid in harmonizing interpersonal relationships, and promoting cooperation.  It can also be a welcome ally during Mercury retrograde when technology can go haywire!

Guardian Angel™ helps to bring you shielding and protection from negative or unwanted energies.  This blend is designed to put an aura of protection around your energy field to guard against these energies, as well as helping to alleviate fears by strengthening the heart and root chakras.  It is also helpful for feeling connected with Archangel Michael, Angel of Protection and Guidance.