Transitions Essence With the arrival of the ‎Spring Equinox‬, ‪transition‬ is in the air and with it comes new opportunity for growth and expansion. One of Shanti Kai’s oldest and most beloved Master Blends, Transitions™ is formulated with wild Hawaiian flowers, including the Morning Glory family of flowers traditionally used to encourage breaking (non-beneficial) habits, and key gemstones, such as Emerald, that help stabilize the heart chakra during times of change. Other key flower and gemstone essences found in this blend help promote rejuvenation, breaking addictions*, the envisioning of a bright future, and the embrace of transformation.

With 1/4 of the year almost behind us, this is the perfect essence to use to get any “stuck” energies moving once again. It’s a favorite of Realtors along with Shanti Kai’s Attract™ Essence for moving property, a favorite for therapists and healers along with Transformation™ to encourage growth, a favorite of those trying to break through bad habits along with Release It™ and a favorite for people with leg and feet issues along with Earth Chakra™. It’s also perfect to pair with Mu Yang™ to help one utilize the energy available during this transitory time.

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