Mercury turns retrograde this Thursday, June 18th (or Wednesday the 17th if you’re in Hawaii) in the sign of Cancer, joining a slew of other planets in retrograde (Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto), and preceding a New Moon Solar Eclipse, also in Cancer, that will be happening on Sunday. With Mercury retrograde in the emotional water sign of Cancer, your sensitivity may also be more readily triggered …and you may find yourself over-emoting (or even straight up seething). If you’re the more sensitive type you may find this process has long since begun, as you’ve gotten a foreshadowing of Mercury Retrograde. For these reasons and more (like because Pluto is also Retrograde!), we recommend pairing our MercurEase™️ Essence with Transformation™️, to help soften the sometimes “gnarly” effects of planetary Retrogrades. ESPECIALLY with the current cosmic climate of conflict, and all the frustrations that are simmering, it’s more important than ever to “MercurEASE” your communications, take time to listen and process the feelings of others. and ease the process of transformation that all too often accompanies these challenging but ultimately opportune transits.

MercurEase™️ Essence, our blend for communication and all things Mercury, to help with smoothing out misunderstandings, promoting cooperation and harmony, and even helping with more technical difficulties like technology breakdowns and travel issues. MercurEase™️ can help with how you listen to others, enabling you to truly hear what another person is saying, promoting greater harmony and understanding between individuals. This may be particularly helpful in this Cancerian atmosphere when the tendency can be to take things personally.

Our Transformation™️ Essence helps with tapping into your DEEP inner reserves…helping you persevere through what can feel like challenging terrain, difficult times, or even devastation and loss (aka your darkest night). It can help elevate your energetic frequencies, awakening you to your highest truths, enabling you to evolve like the rising Phoenix from the ashes, being reborn through light at the end of the (sometimes long, cold) tunnel.

We know, we know… life isn’t always that dramatic, but sometimes even little things can feel that way… when you’re overwhelmed even minor details in life can feel like every little effort is “life and death”… and sometimes you just need a quick “pick me up” or a tool to help you “transcend” negative energy around you.

Transformation™️ is formulated with rich, exotic ingredients that create an energetic, “evolutionary” synergy, the type of energy often only accessible when you’ve gone deep, deep, deep… and communed at the source. In Ayurveda, or Vedic Science, Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth, and is not always the most positive planet to have around. When Pluto is in retrograde it guides you to look to the past to see what in your life isn’t working anymore and needs to be transformed, especially if it relates to themes of power and control. The positive auspices of Pluto however are that it offers the chance for regeneration and rebirth; to allow your loss to wipe your slate clean for new gain. And with Pluto also in Retrograde right now (until October 4th) and as such operating with much intensity right now, it’s a great time to harness the help of our “powerful but soft”, Transformation™️ Essence, designed to help you heal at the source, rebirthing and uplifting your spirit. It reminds you that you’re never too old and it’s never too late to begin again.