Transformation Essence for New Moon in Scorpio

Today we’ll have a new moon in the sign of Scorpio, and the month ahead leading up to the next new moon presents a wonderful opportunity to identify areas of our lives where we feel that we don’t have control, such as deeply ingrained habits, and work towards releasing so that we can move forward, freer and and more empowered.  Transformation™ Essence from Shanti Kai™ is a wonderful tool to work with over this next month, and is designed to help you gently see what it is you would like to change or release, and helps to support the process of transformation.

Transformation™ is designed to bring ease to the process of change and rebirth.  This blend helps you to see deeply into a situation or issue so that you can gain clarity about what you need to release, and helps to encourage a desire and ability to make needed changes. This Essence also helps you to experience renewal and rebirth, encouraging new beginnings or a positive new direction.

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