Tip of Using Attract

There is an old saying that it’s your job to decide what you want and release it to the universe, it’s the universe’s job to bring it to you – and our Attract™ blend is a great tool to help you facilitate this manifestation process. What you might not know is that there are different ways that you can combine Attract™️ with other Shanti Kai™️ Essences to boost your ability to draw in what you want.

One way to do this is to use Release It™ before using Attract™ to clear and make make room in your energy field to draw in what you desire. Try spraying Release It™️ first (over areas stated on the label or as you are intuitively guided), and if you are able, sit with your eyes closed and focus on releasing any resistance to your goal. As you exhale, feel or sense your muscles releasing and relaxing. Follow with Attract™️ as you focus on allowing the new positive energy to move into your system, feeling yourself expanding and your heart opening.

Another way to use Attract™ is to pair it with a blend that embodies what it is you are trying to draw in. Here are some combinations that we recommend:
– Attract™️ and Venus™ for romantic relationships
– Attract™️ and Healer Within™ for healing goals
– Attract™️ and Prosperity™ for monetary goals
– Attract™️ and Anahata™️: Heart Chakra for heart opening
– Attract™️ and Transitions™ for moving real estate and other sales

While it’s not always necessary to use Attract™️ AND something else, doing so can help you to get clearer and more specific, making it more likely that you’ll attract just the thing you want or need the most.