Essences for Expansion Energy

Tip of the Week: Try pairing our MercurEase™️ with Prosperity™ to bring an expansive energy to what can sometimes feel like a contracted time. We have been hearing from lots of customers that are experiencing fatigue, trouble focusing, difficulty sleeping and high levels of “interpersonal drama”. With 5 planets in retrograde including Mercury, communication problems can run amuck, creative blocks (i.e. writers block) may prevail, and our energy levels may wax and wane at all the wrong times. All this may cause us to feel like we are really out of whack – often not realizing that lots of people all around us are experiencing the same “cosmic issues”.

When we feel frustrated, usually there’s an automatic inward contraction, which is why we are suggesting working with Prosperity Essence™, our Jupiter Blend (for luck, opportunity, and expansion) with MercurEase™ which may help bring balance to communication and channels of expression.

We recommend that you spray MercurEase™ first – along the forehead and third eye area, the throat, and back of the neck. Take several deep, centering breaths with the intention of releasing any unwanted or negative energies. Follow up a few moments later with Shanti Kai™ Prosperity Essence™ applied over the forehead, base of skull, solar plexus chakra (front and back) and above heart center. Take a few deep expansive breaths – know that you are vibrationally aligning with new opportunity, fresh perspective and a feeling of expansion and growth.

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