It’s Halloween season, and it can be a good time to look at what Halloween is all about: letting yourself get spooked and letting yourself spook others…..basically, laughing in the face of fear and relating to it in a fun way. To promote a feeling of lightheartedness and fun during this time, or any time of year, we are recommending using our Release It™ and Lighten Up™ Essence Blends to help you to release fear and to promote a sense of playfulness and lightness of being. Here is a way you can use these two Essences together:

Starting with Release It™ spray any areas where you may experience sensations of fear physically, such as with a nervous stomach, or tightness in the chest, or wherever feels needed. Then, close your eyes, take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, imagine that you are releasing any fears, or other unwanted energies. After a few moments, spray Lighten Up™ over the same areas where you used Release It™, or anywhere you like and imagine that your energy is lifting and lightening, and that you are further releasing any non-beneficial energies.

You can repeat this exercise before going into any situation that produces nerves, even a haunted hayride! You could also use these Essences once or twice a day to work on releasing fear more regularly, ideally using Release It™ at night before bed, and Lighten Up™ when you wake up in the morning. To read more on these Essences, visit the products below.