Our Lemurian Quartz Master Blend is the perfect Essence to help you break out of limited belief systems and evolve your ways of thinking this Holiday Season.

Try using Lemurian Quartz Master Blend anytime you feel a limiting thought pattern or belief presenting itself, spraying over any areas of tension, most notably where you carry your stress. You may also spray the following areas, listed in order of importance (we think): third eye (center of forehead), temples, base of the skull, neck/ throat, and/or over the chest. You may also spray backs of kidneys, knees and tops of feet… or wherever you wish. Fears surrounding not having enough to buy gifts for everyone on your list, (or believing you have to buy gifts at all), stress or fear around holiday travel, judgments regarding family members (i.e. in-laws), and perhaps stress around holiday eating and weight gain are some examples of limited thinking that may come up around the holidays. If you like, you can visualize any worn out thought patterns releasing, and light and healing coming in to take their place. Believe that it is possible to let these things go and be transformed.

What if you’ve tried other things before and it hasn’t worked? Well we’d offer to you that our products are truly special, filled with nature’s magical vibrations and carrying light infused frequencies you need to make the subtle shifts (that are needed to make the bigger shifts) happen.

Here’s what one of our customers had to say about using Essence:

“I have worked with many forms of Lemurian Quartz over the years so when I saw Shanti Kai™’s Lemurian Quartz Master™ Essence I didn’t think much of it. However it was the free gift with a purchase I made at a class I took with Jayme. I was blown away by the shifts I made and how good I felt when I worked with it. I was able to release old ways of thinking and fears that were holding me back…” – Lyn, 48, Spiritual Counselor, PsyD