Tip of the week July 1One of the great things about Shanti Kai™ Essences is that they help you to release old and stuck energies that may be holding you back to create space for more beneficial energy to enter your life. Essence blends such as Release It™ and Clear My Space™ are specially formulated to facilitate this process. One thing that can happen, however, is that as you are releasing these stuck emotions or energies, you may experience them in the moment as they are on their way out. This can sometimes be overwhelming. Luckily, we carry Essences such as White Light™ from our color line, on sale now as part of our Red White and Blue Sale, to help soften this process. The next time you are using an Essence that is formulated for releasing or clearing, follow up 15 minutes later with White Light™. This can help to soften and soothe whatever may be coming up and releasing for you, making the process lighter and easier. If you want to use these Essences throughout the day, you can use Release It™ first and follow up with White Light™ fifteen minutes later.