Eclipse Meditation Essences

Meditation is a great way to develop inner stillness and calm, but sometimes we could use some help cultivating a meditative state. Our Indigo Light™ Essence and Violet White™ Essence can help us do just that!  Indigo Light™ helps us to focus and clear blocks from the third eye chakra, and Violet White™ helps us to raise our vibration and connect to Source Energy.  If you find you have trouble meditating try using these products, one after the other, or alternating them, to raise your vibration and create more calm and serenity in your atmosphere.  If using for meditation, it may be best to spray Indigo Light™ over the third eye, temples, and base of the skull, and use Violet White™ over the third eye, crown, neck, and front and back of the heart area.

If you can’t sit and meditate you can also use these Essences on the go to help you develop your inner drishti or focus, to raise your vibration and create more calm and serenity in your atmosphere.

Read our blog on these products and the full moon, below![ultimate_spacer height=”10″]Full Moon

Meditating with the Full Moon

This Friday, July 27th, we will have a full moon in the sign of Aquarius (this is also a lunar eclipse, although we won’t see it in North America).  The moon has the power to control the ocean tides, and with the human body being over 70% water it’s not hard to imagine that it has a powerful effect on us humans too.  Full moons can be a time of heightened emotions and intensity, and while it can be easy to become overwhelmed and act on all the emotions that come up, it can also be a great time to meditate to cultivate calmness and to help process what is coming up for us at this time.

Full moons have a tendency to illuminate our deepest feelings and emotions, including all those scary parts lurking in the shadows like doubts, fears, and insecurities.  This particular full moon falls in the forward thinking air sign of Aquarius.  Aquarius energy highlights our highest ideals, group involvements, and friendships and these are some of the areas of our lives that may grab our attention around this time:  Perhaps issues within a friendship come up for review, or reflection is required regarding groups that we are involved in.

Rather than engaging or bypassing the feelings that come up during this time, we suggest cultivating a meditative state or, preferably, actually meditating during this time to transform them.  In fact, we recommend you embrace your “inner werewolf” and allow yourself to release what’s coming up by breathing through the feelings and working with our Full Moon Meditation Essence Duo, Indigo Light™, and Violet White™. These Essences help us to go deep within, clearing away third eye clutter that would distract us, and raising our vibration to a higher frequency.

Becoming still and breathing through discomfort can be hard work. The mind wants to go anywhere but in the stillness of “now”, and we can also experience emotional heaviness when we sit to meditate. Indigo Light™ has powerful plant, color and gemstone ingredients for clearing away third eye clutter and finding our drishti or inner focus. It helps us to withdraw our outer senses and bring focus and intention to the present moment. It also helps stimulate the third eye and calm mental chatter, encouraging inner stillness.

Violet White™ Essence has a synergy of high frequency orchids that form a vortex of energy from the heart chakra all the way up to source energy, a feeling that some have described as being “lifted up”, above lower energies, helping us to raise our vibration to a higher state.  Violet White™ Essence also activates the crown chakra, our connection to Source Energy, which compliments the action of Indigo Light™ and deepens meditation.