Our Diamond Master Blend is the perfect Essence to use when you experience tension or stress in or around the head – (which many of us do) and/or before meditating to help balance and align the third eye and crown chakras.

Spray Shanti Kai™ Diamond Master Essence in a ring around your head, in the places a crown or tiara would be touching if you were wearing one: make sure to include the temples, the third eye, base of the the skull, and all the spaces in between – especially around ears.  This works best if you spray close to the surface (so that the skin is dampened by the spray).  Take a couple of deep breaths after completing your Diamond Master Essence “crown”, and note any release that you may feel.  Many have noted a feeling of their crown “lifting” and a weightless or lighter feeling after. You may also have the sense that toxic energy is being “drawn out” of your system – as certain variations of Diamond found in the blend are especially noted for drawing out such energy. You can also do this exercise before resting as Diamond acts on an energetic level on the crown chakra, which is where the gland responsible for circadian rhythms is located.