I’m a client of Jayme, who is an amazing healer. She has helped me in many situations.  Jayme uses many different techniques in our sessions. The result was always unforeseen for me. Sometimes I got insight about my relationship with the parents, siblings, world, &  sometimes I saw myself as a baby and then I could understand myself  as an adult.

After the session, usually the pain disappears for a while, or forever.  If my pain returns, it means that we need to work again, after which I always have new insight about a different part of my life; I see new horizons, new goals, and a new understanding of the world around me.

I’m still working with Jayme, even though she is living on Hawaii and I’m near Boston.  First, when she told me that she is moving, I thought that I’ll never be able to find someone like her – but the distance doesn’t exist for her, and by just talking on the phone Jayme continues to see me as a field of energy and feel  my problems and moreover know how to “fix”  them.

I’m very thankful that she is in my life.