There was a morning about a year ago when I woke ill. I had people flying in and was nauseated and weak. I was speaking to Jayme on the phone and she said “let me try to help you”. I was quiet for about 45 minutes as she worked energetically to shift essences to me. I could not believe the results. I felt stronger as we spoke and within an hour of when we got off the phone I was fine and had the energy for the day. She has helped me several times since but as I write this I think of another time just as amazing. I was sick to my stomach. My stomach was bloated and in pain. It had been that way for a couple of days and the pain was increasing. I called Jayme. She worked on me and much of the distress was gone by the end of the conversation. By the next morning it was all gone. She has a gift from God. I do not understand it but I am a person who has always been sensitive to medications and often when I am prescribed them I become worse Instead of better. Jayme uses pure essences and makes each one herself. I am thankful for the help she gives me.