Today, Friday, June 5th, there’s a Full “Strawberry” Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius ??????. Especially with 5 planets in or nearing retrograde and the “Shadow” Effects that accompany any eclipse, you may find yourself VERY AWARE of aspects of your life you wish were different. Alternatively, you may find yourself in an unusual challenge, or experience a heaviness or funk, feelings of oppression, or being energetically blocked. It’s also possible you find yourself feeling great, but having moments of doubt or disillusion, or where you find yourself more prone to comparing yourself or your current situation with the situations others are in.

For this reason, I’d encourage you to remember that shadows create illusions, mirrors create distortions, and eclipses can cause the “faulty filters” in your lenses to suddenly “spin” everything in sight.

Because of this, eclipses are NOT a great time for taking action, but they are an ideal time for going within and processing what is coming up, and thinking about what you would like to change going forward. In Ayurvedic science, it is recommended you go inside and meditate during eclipses, being sure NOT to look outside, and peak at the cosmos…as this can affect the nerve centers in your brain in a negative way, and cause energy problems moving forward.

Eclipses are, however, a great time for going within and creating the greater vision you’d like to manifest in your life. Our Dendrobium Orchid Master™️ and Oncidium Orchid Master™️ Essences from Shanti Kai™️ are part of the Shanti Kai™️ Master Orchid Line. The Shanti Kai™️ Orchid Essences are very high frequency, working on the upper, upper chakras, on higher planes that can filter down and greatly enhance your spirituality, creativity, and even intellectual capacity. Dendrobium and Oncidium Orchid Essences may also help you to understand and access higher spiritual concepts, higher states of mind, and open you to higher states of creativity, helping stimulate inventive thinking (which may in turn help you to formulate creative solutions) for whatever this eclipse may “bring into view”.

On the day of, and weeks following the eclipse, we recommend spraying either (or both) of these essences over your third eye, temples, base of skull, and along your spine, chest and heart center, taking a few moments to close your eyes and inhaling a few slow, deep breaths. You may wish to bring to mind an issue you would like to find resolution for. Write down any ideas or thoughts that come to you during the process, or that may come to you later on. Repeat as often as you like or anytime something comes up related to challenges you may be working through. Alternatively, you may wish to use these essences before whatever meditation or spiritual practice you have, before taking a rest, or before working on an intellectual or creative endeavor.

What’s more, for an added boost, since it’s the Strawberry Moon, if you purchase both of these essences you’ll receive a free 0.5 oz Strawberry Flower Essence with your order! Strawberry Essence helps with breaking down negative mental patterns or mental “looping” so that you can focus on the present moment and what’s important.