Unakite and Faceted Citrine Mala with 929 Sterling Silver Cross


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Unakite and faceted citrine mala with 929 sterling silve cross

108 X 8mm mala beads / prayer beads

In stock

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Unakite is a great heart chakra opener. It helps soothe, heal and balance the heart chakra. It helps one experience unconditional love and deep connection to Mother Earth. It benefits the root chakra, stimulates healing, and is deeply rejuvenating. It is beneficial for those wishing to attract a loving relationship and to help those heal from past loves. Citrine can be a great motivator to help one complete their goals. It can also help boost one’s self esteem and increase joy levels. Over time it can also help calm the mind, help with mental focus and encourage expression of self and creativity. Citrine can also promote confidence, success and financial prosperity. Certain countries are subject to a different shipping or tariff charge.


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