Sunstone, Yellow Opal and Rutilated Quartz Mala ~ Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakras


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7mm x 108 beads

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Sunstone, Yellow Opal and Rutilated Quartz Mala with Sterling Silver ~ Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakras

Sunstone balances the first two chakras and is known for bolstering happiness and a “sunny” disposition, helping to bring back a sense of joy and passion for living. It teaches you to live every moment to the fullest and to find enjoyment in the little things. Sunstone can enhance empowerment and confidence, helping you to stand your ground with others and promoting greater qualities of leadership. It is further believed to bring luck and success. Sunstone has been used to strengthen physical vitality and to treat sore throats and stomach issues.

Rutilated Quartz helps with healing soul wounds that are deeply stored in the subconscious, astral projection and connecting you to source. It helps you to dig deep and focus on releasing what’s holding you back – helping you let go of grief, and recognize and release past life karma. Rutilated Quartz is also very grounding and cleansing. It helps detox the emotional layer of the aura and the heart chakras especially of feelings of sadness, grief, and pain (hurt).

Yellow Opal works with the solar plexus chakra and is believed to help with balancing emotions and stimulating creativity. It is known as a stone of good luck and for its ability to remove blockages that would keep you from moving forward, as well as creative blocks. It may further help to strengthen will power, allowing you to move more steadily towards your goals.


All Malas come with a one ounce (travel size) Clear My Crystals™️ Hawaiian Vibrational Essence from Shanti Kai™️ (~$22 Value). This is a proprietary Blend of Hawaiian flower and mineral essences made with rare orchid and exotic plants, known to energetically clear the toughest energies.

In some instances if Clear My Crystals™️ is sold out, we will exchange it for a comparable Shanti Kai™️ Essence from their selection of Energy Cleansing Essences.

Malas also include a handmade satin or silk bag.

Certain countries are subject to a different shipping or tariff charge.

Made in Hawaii with Aloha


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