Strength – Tiger’s Eye, Citrine and Rutilated Quartz Ganesha Mala


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6mm x 108 mala beads with Gold Metal Accents

Handmade in Hawaii with Aloha

In stock

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Strength – Tiger’s Eye, Citrine, and Rutilated Quartz Ganesha Mala with Gold Metal Accents

6mm x 108 mala beads

Ganesha pendant is Indian metal foil artwork, handmade and encased in an acrylic shell for protection.

Tiger’s Eye is an ancient talisman, mysterious, powerful, and revered. It is thought to grant its wearer the ability to observe in an all-knowing sense – to master witness consciousness. Egyptians chose tiger’s eye for the eyes in their deity statues to express divine vision, and it was believed to provide the protection of the sun and earth combined. Tiger’s Eye brings courage, chivalry, and right use of power. It has been a stone of prosperity and good fortune, protecting one’s wrath and mirroring back malice or threats from others.

Citrine can be a great motivator to help you complete your goals. It can also help boost your self esteem and increase joy levels. Over time it can help calm the mind, help with mental focus and encourage expression of self and creativity. Citrine can also promote confidence, success and financial prosperity.

Rutilated Quartz promotes spiritual growth and helps to cleanse your aura. It brings healing for emotional wounds and is known for its uplifting qualities. It is helpful for relieving fear and may be beneficial for overcoming fatigue. It can also help you amplify the power of your intentions.

Ganesha is known in yogic traditions as the Remover of Obstacles and bestower of luck and prosperity.

All Malas come with a one ounce (travel size) Clear My Crystals™ Hawaiian Vibrational Essence from Shanti Kai™ (~$22 Value). This is a proprietary Blend of Hawaiian flower and mineral essences made with rare orchid and exotic plants, known to energetically clear the toughest energies. In some instances if Clear My Crystals™ is sold out, we will exchange it for a comparable Shanti Kai™ Essence from our selection of Energy Cleansing Essences. Malas also include a handmade satin or silk bag. Certain countries are subject to a different shipping or tariff charge.


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