Morganite Mala with Rose Quartz Cross Sterling 929 Filigree


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Morganite beads with rose quartz cross sterling 929 filigree mala


108 Beads Prayer and Japa Mala

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.Morganite promotes, bliss, joy and happiness. It brings healing, compassion and reassurance. Its gentle energy increases unconditional love, softens resentment issues, and brings forgiveness and trust. Cleansing for emotional subtle body, it eases stress, lifts burdens, and promotes feelings of lightness. It enhances self-esteem and trust and can promote calmness – to help you not to over think things. Rose quartz embodies the energy of unconditional love. It brings its wearer feelings of peace, compassion, healing and comfort and allows you to awaken to the ability to give and receive love. Connecting with the heart chakra, it helps to heal emotional wounds and calm fear and resentment.


All Malas come with a one ounce (travel size) Clear My Crystals™ Hawaiian Vibrational Essence from Shanti Kai™ (~$22 Value). This is a proprietary Blend of Hawaiian flower and mineral essences made with rare orchid and exotic plants, known to energetically clear the toughest energies. In some instances if Clear My Crystals™ is sold out, we will exchange it for a comparable Shanti Kai™ Essence from our selection of Energy Cleansing Essences.

Malas also include a handmade satin or silk bag. Certain countries are subject to a different shipping or tariff charge..


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