Energizing Meditation Mala Iolite ~ Blue Fluorite ~ High Grade Golden Rutilated Quartz Bronze Dancing Shiva Mala ~ 3rd Eye Sacral & Crown Chakras

108 x 6mm prayer beads

Golden Rutilated Quartz has a special connection to the healing light of the sun and helps open your heart and release sadness and heavy emotion. It brings a Golden quality that helps fill the wearer with the light it captures.

Fluorite is protective and purifying helping you become more organized and mentally efficient. Fluorite helps with intuition and self -esteem, increases concentration and helps with memory retention. It is stabilizing to your emotions and helps you to achieve balance in your life. It is also a stone of luck, Protection and prosperity.

Iolite stimulates the third eye and helps strengthen intuition. It is believed to help with breaking non-beneficial habits and/or breaking out of other unwanted patterns. If you are feeling lost or as if you do not know the right path to take, Iolite can help to bring clarity so you can see the best way forward.

Shiva is a deity in yogic tradition that bestows knowledge, good fortune, protection, and peace. A good mantra for this mala is Om Namah Shivaya.