.Green Kunzite Black Kyanite & Herkimer Diamond in 925 Sterling Silver

5.5-6mm x 108 prayer beads

Green Kunzite, also known as Hiddenite, is beneficial for new beginnings. It can help you to ground energies of Divine love on the physical plane. On a physical level, Green Kunzite is believed to be particularly balancing for the Thymus gland.

Black Kyanite is very grounding and helps to balance the root chakra. It also helps to clear away negative energy and brings protection.

Herkimer Diamond helps to clear all the chakras (especially the upper chakras) and connect you to your spirit guide(s). It advances your spiritual practice – ie meditation, clairvoyance and astral projection. It can amplify the energy of other stones. Overall it promotes balance and harmony and is great for those doing healing work. It may help to release tension and strengthen your physical body.