Green Kunzite and Quartz Mala Necklace in 929 sterling silver with peridot accent, 108 prayerbeads -Made in Hawaii -Heart Chakra

6mm x 108 prayer beads

Green Kunzite, also known as Hiddenite, is beneficial for new beginnings. It can help you to ground energies of Divine love on the physical plane. On a physical level, Green Kunzite is believed to be particularly balancing for the Thymus gland.

Quartz amplifies energy. It may increase self-worth and confidence. It’s also good for clarity, power, wisdom, balance and energy.

Peridot is traditionally used to draw in luck financially and romantically. It is also very helpful in uplifting one’s mood and deflecting negative energy. It can also be very healing and works on the heart chakra. It’s also known to help balance the nerves.