Dragon Power Lapis Mala with handcarved Dragon and Phoenix Lapis Pendant ~ Ascend Transcend Defend Protect

8 mm x 108 Beads
Necklace length: 22.5″
Pendant height and width: 2″

Lapis brings knowledge, intellect, intuition, and psychic protection. It aids in developing the third eye, heightens intuitive ability, brings protection from Saturn and negative cosmic energy, and enables ease of expression and visionary capability.

Dragons carry very positive connotations in Chinese Folklore, representing good luck, prosperity, power, confidence and success. They are also associated with new beginnings, wisdom and vitality.

The Phoenix is a mythological bird, believed in many ancient cultures to live for 500 years before erupting into flames and being reborn once again. The phoenix is a powerful symbol for transformation, rebirth and immortality.

In Feng Shui, dragons represent yang energy and the phoenix represents their yin counterpart. Together they symbolize balance and harmony as well as love and marital bliss.