Divine Mother Angelite Jade and Moonstone Kuanyin Mala


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Divine Mother Mala with 6mm Angelite, Jade and Moonstone. Features hand-carved Jade Kuan Yin Pendant and Sterling Silver accents.

6mm x 108 mala beads.

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.Divine Mother 6mm Angelite ~Jade and Moonstone~ Kuanyin Mala

Hand carved Jade Kuan Yin Pendant. Sterling Silver accents.

6mm x 108 mala beads

Angelite is a calming stone with soothing energy that helps aid contact with beings in the higher realms, and in particular with members of the angelic kingdom. It can be helpful if you are a Healer working with archangels or if you are healing trauma and under constant stress. It also helps you connect with your higher self and own Divine Spiritual connection. It may stimulate the birth of intuitive ability, and aid opening of throat chakra channels as well as the third eye connection.

Jade is known to sooth and balance the mind and emotions, bringing serenity and gentle healing to the wearer. It is a protective stone that shields from negativity and promotes luck, prosperity and love.

Kuan Yin is the Goddess of Compassion and carries the Goddess and Divine Mother aspect of Buddhism, but she is celebrated by many different traditions and cultures. She is a manifestation of the same Goddess and Divine energy carried by the Virgin Mary in Christianity. Her name means “She who hearkens to the cries of the world.”

Moonstone can lighten our moods and help us be more patient and flexible with others. Many people also use Moonstone to improve intuition and deepen meditations. It is good for accessing Christ consciousness and angelic realms. It also encourages a restful sleep and has traditionally been used to help with a woman’s fertility or even improve her prenatal experience. This is a good stone to keep around while traveling – as it offers some protection along the way.




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