Healing ~ Lepidolite & Faceted White Jade Mala with Chevron Ghost Amethyst Point Pendant and Gurubead set in Rose Gold Brass w Amethyst cabochons Wisdom – Purity ~ Healing ~ Crown Chakra

8mm x 108 Beads

Lepidolite connects the upper chakras starting at the heart, and can help calm nerves and increase hope and happiness – great for those who have obsessive tendencies. It helps to bring truth to suffering and can help one to release anger and grief and promote trust. It boosts self-esteem and encourages one to take action in their life and let go of unhealthy co-dependencies. It can help with those who are prone to exhaustion. Historically Lepidolite has been used to alleviate the symptoms of allergies, benefit skin problems and boost the immune system.

Jade is known to sooth and balance the mind and emotions, bringing serenity and gentle healing to the wearer. It is a protective stone that shields from negativity and promotes luck, prosperity and love. White Jade is said to help filter distraction and encourage increased brain function, such as focus and decision-making capabilities.

Amethyst is a masterful healing stone. It relates to the crown chakra and helps one connect to their higher self and sources of wisdom, Divinity, and purpose. It may be great for those with low self-esteem or looking to find their higher purpose.