Celestial Aquamarine~ Blue Flash Rainbow Moonstone and sterling silver Mala ~ Throat Chakra ~ Angel Work

6mm x 108 Aquamarine and Moonstone in sterling silver prayerbeads

Aquamarine repels Negativity, helps you to let go of emotional issues from your past, and opens channels of expression and communication, and may even unblock artists and writers alike. Within the thymus chakra or the higher heart, this mala is very powerful and emits loving transcendent peaceful flowing energy.

Moonstone can lighten your mood and help you be more patient and flexible with others. Many people also use it to improve intuition and deepen meditations. It’s good for accessing Christ’s consciousness and angelic realms. It also encourages restful sleep and has traditionally been used to help with a woman’s fertility or even improve her prenatal experience. This is a good stone to keep around while traveling – as it offers some protection along the way.