Moonstone and Faceted Blue Topaz in 929 Sterling Silver


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Moonstone and Faceted Blue Topaz in 929 sterling silver.

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.Moonstone and Faceted Blue Topaz in 929 Sterling Silver

Moonstone can lighten our moods and help us be more patient and flexible with others. Many people also use it to improve intuition and deepen meditations. It’s good for accessing Christ consciousness and angelic realms. It also encourages a restful sleep and has traditionally been used to help with a woman’s fertility or even improve her prenatal experience. This is a good stone to keep around while traveling – as it offers some protection along the way.

Blue topaz is a crystal that helps to aid communication so that you may think and speak more clearly. This stone is commonly used by those who are trying to enhance their meditation or intuitive abilities, as it can promote body, mind, spirit alignment. Blue Topaz helps to give you the vitality you need to stay on your toes and think through tough or complex scenarios. It can also help inspire creativity and promote the truth you may need to know in a given situation..


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