Labradorite, Blue Topaz and White Topaz Chandelier Earrings


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Labradorite, Blue Topaz and White Topaz chandelier earrings set in 929 Sterling Silver

In stock

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Labradorite opens the third eye, promoting clarity and higher vision. It increases psychic receptivity, telepathy, intuitive ability, and helps fine tune ones sixth sense. Like having psychic antennas to tune into needed information and higher channels of energy to receive guidance from one’s higher self or spiritual connection. It’s protective against psychic attack, including energies that may move through written word such as texts and emails. Labradorite can help alleviate anger and promote harmony. Blue topaz is a crystal that helps to aid communication so that you may think and speak more clearly. This stone is commonly used by those who are trying to enhance their meditation or intuitive abilities, as it can promote body, mind, spirit alignment. Blue Topaz helps to give you the vitality you need to stay on your toes and think through tough or complex scenarios. It can also help inspire creativity and promote the truth you may need to know in a given situation. White topaz helps you to discover your inner truth as well as the truth around you. It can promote receptivity, honesty, integrity and patience. White topaz also helps to clear stuck energy blocks in the chakras or body – which can help to clear karma and move you to the next phase of your life. It can also help to enhance your spiritual practice and align you with your true self. Certain countries are subject to a different shipping or tariff charge.


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