Group Therapeutic Breathwork with Jayme April 28


When: Saturday April 28, 2018 at 7pm

Where: Venue will be in Honolulu, details will be emailed.

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Semi-Private Group Therapeutic Breathwork with Dr. Jayme Jensen

Saturday April 28, 2018 7pm in Honolulu. (Further details will be provided.)

“”Group Breathwork with Jayme was an experience unlike any other. On top of her amazing ability to handle every energy in the room, her compassion and attentiveness to every last person and every last detail, even in large groups, was truly amazing and inspiring. It is an experience that truly helped me to shift and release a lot of emotions and truly changed my perspective on what we are as human beings. I will never forget it.””

– Stephen B., Boston area Musician

“”I attended a few of them [breathing workshops] and every time I was amazed and surprised. Every workshop was unique and different. In the beginning I went through the pain in areas of my body. Pain wasn’t great and every time I felt I needed the exact area to be resolved or healed. Later my experience became more like a miracle. One time I was laughing with the full moon and one time I visited the place with a lot of stars and felt beautiful sadness.””

– Natalia, Acupuncturist Boston

*Jayme has a 3-year advanced certification in Therapeutic Breathwork and 10+ years experience holding group and private sessions.

Breathwork at Shanti Kai™

Breathwork is an ancient science and healing art which takes advantage of conscious breathing practices to synergistically integrate body, mind, and spirit. On a physical level, Breathwork promotes oxygenation, moving the pranic energy up from the base of the spine, freeing and releasing physical and emotional blockages that are contained in the body. As these blockages are freed, the body’s natural pranic energy flows more freely, resulting in increased vitality. Blockages in the lower chakras – which is where stored emotions and negative memories are held – begin to release, and the channel to the heart and upper chakras begin to open increasingly with each Breathwork session, often resulting in catalytic breakthroughs and enabling the breather to experience visions and higher messages from his or her higher self and Divine connection. Breathwork is a synergistic complement to working with the essences which can further energize your sense of well-being.

When you come to a Breathwork Session, you can expect to do a form of pranayama (yogic breathing) for 90 minutes in an atmosphere that promotes tranquility and relaxation. The lights are dim and you will be lying down on comfortable cushion which is provided. The eyes are closed the entire time and music is played to help you go deeper into the experience. You will be assisted in finding and maintaining your own unique rhythm to best enhance your personal experience. Class size is moderated to ensure proper attention to each individual while at the same time providing the energy and support of a group dynamic.

What will I experience?

A typical Breathwork experience lasts for two hours, with ninety minutes being focused solely on the breathing mechanism. No two sessions are ever the same and the experience can vary drastically physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually from one session to the next.

Many people experience the process in stages with the beginning being the most challenging and the end being almost euphoric. Physically (especially toward the beginning or middle of a session) it is common for people to experience strong sensations as they encounter blockages or resistance in their bodies. A tingling sensation in the arms and legs is very common as is temperature fluctuation throughout the body. The Breathwork Therapist will be watching carefully and may offer you hot or cold or may help you to adjust so that your process of breathing underneath the blockage is uninterrupted.

Towards the middle to end of the session, you may experience a total lightness of being and a sense of profound relaxation. During the course of the latter, it is not uncommon for one to experience a sort of time warp, wherein ninety minutes feels akin to thirty seconds. Many people experience vivid memories, have reflections of past events (they had completely repressed or forgotten), or have past emotional wounds come up for release. Towards the end of a session, many people experience receiving answers or solutions to problems they’ve been experiencing, and some even people report feeling visited by loved ones who have since passed or seeing or hearing their Spiritual Connection bringing them clear guidance. The ultimate submersion in the Breathwork experience leads to a feeling as if the breath is breathing you, rather than you breathing the breath.

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“”When I arrived at my first breathworks workshop led by Jayme, I had no idea what to expect. Jayme gently guided all of us through the process and created a safe and comfortable place. While breathing, my entire body tingled like nothing I had experienced before. All different kinds of emotions rose up from different memories that came to mind, and the breath would carry them away, leaving me feeling lighter. Messages and ideas came to me – things I could do to make my life easier, things I could let go of that only cause me needless suffering, positive thoughts and affirmations I should embrace. I felt a renewed sense of hope, inspiration, and energy.

There were times through this process that I became cold from all of the releasing. Without me saying a word Jayme knew this and came over with heating pads to make me comfortable. Even in a classroom with many other students, Jayme was attentive to me and always knew when I needed extra support. I felt safe and protected the entire time.

Leaving the breathworks class, I felt grounded, peaceful, and calm. I felt renewed, ready to take on anything life had to offer. I felt lighter, no longer weighed down with emotional burden and negative thoughts or beliefs. It was such an incredible experience. After that first class, I attended every breakworks class Jayme offered until she moved away from the area. I wish she was still in New England, I would love to attend her classes again for they are truly amazing.””

– Alice Boucher, Principal Software Developer, Nashua NH


“”I have known Jayme since 2005 when she became one of my most dedicated yoga students at The Yoga Loft and one of the most valuable members of The Yoga Loft team.

I was very interested in Jayme as an Alternative Health Practitioner, not only for myself, but also for my students whom I knew would benefit greatly from working with her. I had a few private sessions with Jayme first to get a better understanding of how she worked and to have more information to recommend to my students. I was amazed at the healing benefits I received and I felt incredibly comfortable with Jayme as she read my needs and was effortlessly able to make adjustments during the session based on what came up for me personally.

After working with her privately, Jayme began offering monthly and sometimes bi-monthly Breathwork Therapy Workshops at my studio (which she maintained until she moved away). In group settings, Jayme was able to continue that personal connection, sync with individual needs and manage each and every student’s responses with great efficiency and repose. After every workshop, the feedback was unanimously positive and the same students participated every time we offered the workshop at the studio. In other words, they didn’t want to miss a single opportunity to have Jayme facilitate their process and relieve whatever pain, injury, emotional turbulence or blockages they were experiencing.

Many of my students who had attended her breathwork workshops and others whom I referred were interested in the other techniques she worked with to pinpoint what was causing their problems and pain. In my experience, and from hearing feedback, the Private work was especially helpful and healing- the energetic aspect was very helpful and many reported feeling areas of their body heat up and release as she worked with them & found working with her effective in removing blockages and releasing pain and tension.

I know how delicate it can be to work with people’s energy and I have the utmost faith and trust in Jayme. I was happy to refer my students to Jayme for chronic pain issues, injury and emotional well-being. She was able to work with larger groups at the studio with personal attention to each student, high level of professionalism, and great amount of preparedness. The workshops given by Jayme at The Yoga Loft were by far the most popular ones I have offered in the seven years I have been open. She has touched and helped so many people, including myself, and she is greatly missed in our community.””

– Jen Ryan, The Yoga Loft, Wilmington, MA


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