Spinel Master Essence

Spinel Master Essence inspires you to live from a state of love rather than fear, helping you develop the mental calm and strength needed to overcome any challenge.
It is a grounding, protective essence that promotes vitality, strength and rejuvenation. It moreover inspires confidence and empowerment, helping you to be more assertive in situations when needed (especially with people who tend to overpower you energetically). Spinel Master furthermore encourages a positive outlook, helping you stay optimistic and hopeful during times of transition and change (ie, such as when trying to buck bad habits and addictions, so you can attain your end goal).

Emotionally, Spinel Master Essence promotes harmony in relationships and aids the release of resentments. It moreover helps in inspiring clear communication (especially the blue variations of spinel) and can be especially beneficial for easing misunderstandings, including ones that are generational and/or cultural. Spinel Master Essence can further benefit relationships by helping you to let down your guard, enabling you to more readily open to accepting help from others when needed. It’s essences also encourages greater devotion to your relationships as well as with your spiritual connection (aka God).

Spiritually, Spinel Master Essence stimulates your kundalini energy, especially the black, red, and violet variations in our blend. It’s Essence elevates you to greater heights of spiritual transform, allowing your kundalini to move more easily up the spine where it ultimately merges with your crown, thereby establishing you in the state of bliss (i.e. transcendent peace).