Kambaba Jasper Essence

Kambaba Jasper consists of ancient, microcrystalline quartz laced with stromatolites. The stromatolites date back to upwards of 3 billion years ago and constitute some of the earliest records of life on earth. Kambaba Jasper Essence connects you to primordial source energy and imparts the ancient wisdom of “all that has been” -as well as a glimpse into that which is yet to become.

Kambaba Jasper Essence endows transformative powers, igniting the seeker within you, and energetically connecting you to all life on Earth- it evokes a sense of oneness, peace, and harmony.

Kambaba Jasper Essence helps balance and cleanse the lower chakras, grounding and rooting your energy, connecting you to Mother Earth’s nurturing core. Its Essence strengthens and rejuvenates your root and spinal energies, and has a stimulating effect on your Kundalini. Its an ideal Essence for working on family of origin issues and other relationship karmas that tend to get stuck in your hips, legs and lower chakras.

If you are feeling broken, broken-hearted or otherwise wounded, Kambaba Jasper Essence can help you to reset your foundation, so you can more easily heal and move forward. Its Essence helps you release shame and blame, and encourages greater self-love, acceptance, and harmony. Kambaba Jasper Essence is beneficial for Shamanic and other healing practices. It also facilitates coming in and out of meditation or other altered states with greater ease, and may enhance dreamwork and dream recall as well.