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Manifesting Abundance
Releasing Poverty Mindset
Accessing Higher Consciousness

Wedelia Flower Essence helps you learn to manifest your physical and material needs. It’s helpful for healing poverty mentality and negative thinking around money and possessions.

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Wedelia Flower Essence

Wedelia Essence helps you create the vibrational state needed to manifest your thoughts into reality. It’s helpful for overcoming feelings of lack around money, material possessions, energy, and resources. Wedelia Essence may help you with knowing that even when there seems to be scarcity, there is a way to not only survive, but to thrive. Its Essence helps you to understand the thinking that underlies true prosperity- to have faith and trust that there will always be provision, knowing that the Universe is rich in abundance and can open its reserves to you when in need. It moreover can help you connect with your ascension chakras, and to connect with the spirit of altruism and divine love. It can help you to connect with a higher power and channel it through your work- whatever it is you do in the world.

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