Water Hyacinth Flower Essence

Water Hyacinth Essence helps you integrate body, mind and spirit so you readily can adapt to challenging terrain and emotions.   It helps you to root, even when you feel ungrounded whilst simultaneously encouraging transcendence and rising above your troubles.  Its Essence helps balance and stabilize the emotional subtle body- especially when under duress- helping you harness your “inner compass” so you can steer it forward in the right direction.  Water Hyacinth teaches one-pointedness and its essence works to bring your inner focus (or drshti) to rest on your third eye chakra.   Excellent for meditation, energy work, prayer time, and other spiritual practices, it works to elevate your perspective, keeping your focus on the Light.  Water Hyacinth Essence also attunes you to the realm of water faeries and nature nymphs and may help you to attain equilibrium within your own system- energetically benefitting water retention and related issues.