Turks Turban Flower Essence

Turk’s Turban Essence carries a wide array of healing vibrations with a focus on divinity and humility. Its essence teaches manifesting abundance but goes beyond material desire into the highest form of wealth, spiritual wealth. It moreover helps you connect with your “inner divinity” and facilitates transformational states of surrender. It can be worked with for manifesting prosperity and channeling higher truths, and is also a good essence for releasing feelings of overwhelm. Turk’s Turban teaches both humility and respect and also encourages everyone to carry his or her own load. If you’re pregnant, Turk’s Turban is an excellent choice of essence for helping your body stabilize (energetically speaking) during transitions. Turk’s Turban Essence also helps clear blockages in the crown and throat chakras, as well as may be helpful for releasing tension in the jaw and spine.