Tree Heliotrope Essence

Tree Heliotrope (or Kīpūkai) is from a seaside shrub native to the Hawaiian islands. It’s Essence promotes abundance, expansion and opportunity. It moreover challenges you to test your limitations and personal boundaries- challenging you to be all that you can be. A “master organizer”, it can help you expand and adapt to any situation, both inwardly and outwardly.

Tree Heliotrope Essence teaches increased strength, flexibility, and is overall a great Essence for adapting to new terrain, people, places, and situations. Tree Heliotrope is also an excellent Essence for learning to stay grounded, even when you are standing on “shifting sands”. It encourages strong roots no matter your external situation and can help you persevere, adapt and thrive in any situation. If you’re mentally rigid it can help you learn to evolve and shift with the energy of what’s happening. Tree Heliotrope Essence is also beneficial for meditation, especially at night, and can strengthen your brain’s subtle energy centers in relation to starlight and cosmic energy. It has a subtle but strong yin energy that inspires turning inward and learning to balance.