Strawberry Flower Essence

Strawberry Flower Essence may help bring clarity and stimulate visionary capacity. It does this via helping dissolve blockages stored in third eye and subtle eye chakras that might otherwise cause you to stay stuck in ingrained thought patterns, negative ways of thinking, and unhealthy behaviors. Trauma can result in unclosed gestalts, or subconscious and unconscious mental patterns that make it difficult to stop “looping”; that is mentally and emotionally repeating the same feelings, and being unable to stop the feelings from bleeding into thoughts, and thoughts from becoming words. (The need to process with others when your mentally looping can drive the people you’re around a little crazy! ) Strawberry Flower Essence helps you to breakdown these mental patterns so you can naturally refocus on more important matters in the now. It may also help, or act as a tool for therapists in helping clients clear visual trauma, which is often stored in nerve plexus closest to the eyes. (Note: by trauma we are referring to trauma as described in HMR under our Services section and not necessarily a major physical trauma). Stored eye trauma can include seeing something awful you can’t forget, seeing something you did “wrong” over and over, watching a scary movie, having a bad dream, reliving a bad experience… etc, but it involves the need to “unsee” something. Strawberry Essence may help clear these kinds of stored memories and this may in turn bring greater clarity and visionary capabilities. It may also be especially good for adolescents and those that need to anchor positive feeling, thinking, and behavior patterns.