Spathoglottis Flower Essence

Spathoglottis Flower Essence can help you release emotional baggage, become “fertile” with new energy, and manifest or “birth” something new into your life. It may help with releasing or clearing emotional baggage so that you can make room for abundance and attraction of needed things.

This Essence teaches acceptance of “what is” and the surrendering of “what isn’t”; it can help you to “bow” to the divine virtue of humility, an act of surrender that can help you align with your higher purpose or plan.

Simultaneously Spathoglottis Essence can help you if you’re empathic and prone to absorbing the pain of others, by helping you energetically learn to release that which is not your own. It may especially benefit you if you’re a therapist, healer, teacher, or otherwise in client or patient care and tend to take on the problems of those you help.

Further, Spathoglottis Essence may help energetically with fertility issues in men and help women who are burdened by pregnancy. It may also help pregnant couples with “discovery shock” related to news of unexpected pregnancy. Similarly, it can help with propagation and evolution, helping you conceive new ideas, and birth them into being.