Shooting Star Pseuderanthemum Flower Essence

Pseuderanthemum Essence literally can help you to “shoot for the stars” as it can help you to know and to fulfill your true purpose. If you tend to get stuck in your troubles or to spiral into rabbit holes over feelings of inadequacy or fear- if you too frequently worry or take yourself too seriously, this Essence can help get you unstuck, and remind you to focus on what matters and most importantly, where you want to go- it can help move you from fear and negativity to hope and possibility. If you’re wondering about your Higher Purpose and/ or the need to change or stay on your current path, Pseuderanthemum Essence can help you tune into and commune with your higher self so that you get the message (and know what to do with it). Pseuderanthemum Essence reminds you that your troubles are temporary and to tap into your imagination- so you can reach beyond- into the stars.