Sea Lime Flower Essence

Hawaiian Sea Lime Essence (sometimes referred to as Sea Mango) benefits your spiritual and emotional wellness, inspiring joy and happiness. Adding this essence to your daily routine may be just the spark of magic you need to feel alive and well again, to reignite your optimism and invoke feelings of serendipity and emotional joy. If you’ve been in a bit of a funk, or have had trouble finding creative inspiration, this essence may help you “snap out of it” and yet simultaneously, whilst providing that snap, lure you off in its intoxicating spell…beckoning you to float away into a dream world. Indeed, this flower essence has a surprising allure- the energy of daydreams opening your imagination to new realms of beauty, love and light. Sea Lime Essence implores your heart to open; it promotes inner harmony and inspires a deep sense of tranquility and peace. It beckons you to open your heart to a greater, more expanded notion of love whilst aspiring your heart to heal any bitter and/ or sad memories that dwell within it.