Scarlet Gourd Fruit Ivy Essence

Scarlet Gourd Ivy Essence teaches energetic boundaries which may relate to how your words affect others around you. This essence may help you to release any bitterness in your speech along with any underlying grudges and resentments. Its essence moreover can help you find the forgiveness you need to heal and regain your sweetness and love for life. Since hanging onto anger, bitterness, and resentment have oft been [psychospiritually] linked to energies underlying disease, working with this essence and releasing unhealthy frustrations and grudges can help you clear such energies before they physically manifest. Similarly, Scarlett Gourd Ivy Essence may benefit clearing of skin conditions that manifest as acne or rash- and that are the result of deep seated anger and resentment issues (ie that are purging through the skin). Scarlet Gourd Ivy Essence helps you get to the root of the anger and in this way, may help prevent future skin breakouts (and disorders), and in the long term, may even contribute to enhanced skin beautification and youthening.

Scarlett Gourd Ivy Essence can also help you cut cords and release memories of past trauma, especially around words you may have spoken or had to hold back (and/or “choke” down). In this way, its essence may be helpful for releasing restriction around the neck, throat, and even heart chakra (ie lungs and throat) relating to breathing issues (and/or perceived breathing issues) and underlying emotional stress*. It may also help with releasing childhood and past life (or ancestral) trauma that may have caused you to lose your voice, inner power, and/or ability to express yourself fully.