Sanchezia Flower Essence

Wild Hawaiian Sanchezia, while not native to the islands, its essence is made near volcano on the big island, where it grows on its own. Perhaps not a coincidence, it’s a fiery plant that may help bring out your passion in a healthy way. It’s essence inspires motivation, and increases your Agni (or internal fire in the lower chakras), which may help with digestion and stomach issues, especially those related to decision making and emotional turmoil. As much as it stirs internal passion, it also promotes a mentally acute mind, and may help increase your capacity to put space between yourself and your reaction when passion arises. Sanchezia also helps channel feeling, and may be good if you tend to repress your emotions. It’s essence may be a friend to you if you are an artist, musician, or writer, as it helps you to channel your deepest emotions into your work. Our internal research suggests it’s essence may also benefit canines, especially those that have tempers.