Royal Poinciana Flower Essence

The Essence of the Royal Poinciana TreeFlower (sometimes referred to as the Flamboyant Tree or Flaming Tree) helps balance the root and sacral chakras, stimulating your creative energies, and bringing into alignment your male and female aspects. Indeed, Royal Poinciana Essence carries strong energies of attraction and can help you draw in the resources needed to manifest abundantly in all areas of life. It moreover works to help align your passion and creative powers, and in so doing, encourages you to act with boldness and strength.

Royal Poinciana Essence may also help you to “come out” as yourself, whatever that means for you- and may be especially helpful for you if you are introverted or shy, or if you doubt yourself, your skills, and/or abilities. It’s Essence brings out an inner flamboyance, enabling you to find pride in things you might have been taught meant shame. As such, it may be a wonderful essence for you if you’re surrounded by others who may not understand you.