Rhododendron Flower Essence

Work with Rhododendron Essence in times of uncertainty or when you are unclear if a decision you are thinking to make is right and safe. Rhododendron helps you to read caution, it signals to you warning and danger. It may help you develop healthy boundaries and with use overtime will help you to trust your senses regarding how you read situations. It may help awaken the fire within, and bring passion into your life. It may help you use this inner fire to “burn” toxic energy from your aura, and clear toxic residue from your heart chakra (such as resentment that may manifest and cloud your vision). Clearing the heart may allow you to open to healing and instill feelings of compassion, understanding, and joy. It may be especially helpful for mothers or care takers, especially those who tend to neglect their own needs or self-care for the sake of others.