Red Lilikoi Flower Essence

Red Passionflower Essence has the qualities of our Lilikoi Master Essence with emphasis on inspiring passion for life and discovering your true life purpose. It can help you release blockages in your lower chakras that would hinder you from stepping into your unique abilities and living your higher purpose. It promotes creativity, helps you attract nurturing energies, and brings love and a sense of fulfillment to your endeavors. It may help your interactions with others to be more fruitful, and encourages truthful and clear communication, even if it’s not what another wants to hear. It works on subtle levels to inspire spiritual awakening, and can help you come back to life when you’ve been down or experiencing depressed emotions. Red Passionflower Essence further helps ease feelings of guilt and shame, and other lower emotions that would keep you from feeling the higher Christ Love that is available to you. It can also assist you in atoning for past wrongs and help you start over again with a fresh start.

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