Red Hawaiian Hibiscus Flower Essence

Red Hawaiian Hibiscus Flower Essence may help increase strength, vitality, and passion (especially as relating to the first two chakras). It can help increase energy, zeal and passion for life. It aids in repattern fear of lack or limiting and/or inhibiting beliefs so that you once again feel impassioned. It can also help release blocks in the lower chakras that house reproductive organs and thus can benefit you if you are female and suffer from menstrual imbalance (and/or reproductive issues); Red Hibiscus encourages you to heal if you’ve experienced past sexual trauma, as this can create a block in root and sacral chakras that can manifest in physical symptoms and related health problems.

Tip: Take or use before meditating to help release blocks and/or bring energy and passion to areas of your life associated with the root and sacral chakras (i.e. family, home life, abundance issues, relationships and partnerships and to release: fears/sadness, sexual trauma, ego etc.).

Female Tip: use 2x daily (or as needed/desired) starting up to one week before menstruating and until cycle symptoms subside (or 3 days after menstruation stops).

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