Red Butterfly Ginger Flower Essence

Red Butterfly Ginger Essence helps to strengthen the root chakra and to instill an energy of passion and creativity. It strengthens your roots and helps you rise higher: anchoring the physical and spiritual, helping align your creative energies with your divine potential so that you can fully create the destiny you’re here to fulfill. Red Butterfly Ginger Essence moreover teaches you to be strong in who you are, and may help you release any disappointment, insecurity, guilt, shame, and/or unworthiness, including issues regarding your sexuality (and any issues regarding past sexual trauma) that you may carry. Its Essence can also help you identify the subtle energies you’ve taken on from others that unconsciously control you. Not unlike its name, if you’re drawn to this essence it may be because you’re ready to stop being a humble caterpillar, grow wings, and get ready to attract what you want and fly high with your beauty and grace.

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