Purple Lilikoi Flower Essence

Purple Lilikoi Essence has the qualities of our Lilikoi Master Essence with an emphasis on transforming pain into purpose, and inspiring virtues of your higher self, worthiness and wisdom. It helps soften difficult aspects of Pluto, which in Vedic Science (or Ayurveda) is a planet mired in the mystery of spiritual transformation, the processes of death and rebirth; it has also been known to remedy ailments of the planet Chiron, the planet which brings deep inner change through suffering and challenge. It’s Essence can help soften the process of death and loss, or rejection and pain, by helping you reconnect with your worthiness. Purple Lilikoi Essence aids you in finding inspiration and purpose in almost any experience, no matter how painful. It may increase your intuitive intelligence and help you develop your “sensory antennas”; through increasing your psychic or spiritual receptivity, it further develops your natural empathy, which helps accelerate your spiritual growth and higher transformation. May also help with mitigating response to nightmares and “snapping out of it” once awakened.

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