Parasol Plant Master


Heightens Intuition
Aligns Mind & Spirit
Helps Keep You Centered

Multidimensional interface, increases intuition, like having an extra set of “antennas”. Parasol Plant Essence may help one be more receptive to other’s ideas and feelings.

Master Blend of multiple Parasol plants.

0.5 fl oz dropper2 fl oz spray2 fl oz spray TESTER
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Parasol Plant Essence

Parasol Plant (aka Chinese Cup and Saucer) Essence is an advanced remedy for treating energetic issues that interface mind and spirit (i.e. the psychospiritual). Hence, it’s not surprising that studies have shown the Parasol Plant itself to have potential benefits in treatment of mind-body and nervous system conditions- such as with Alzheimers, Parkinson’s, mood disorders (i.e. depression and anxiety) and of course, stress.
Parasol Plant Essence may help you with feeling safe, centered, and stable in situations that might otherwise uproot or jar you. It can also help to [energetically] balance feelings of disorientation, such as may manifest from motion sickness, dizziness and/or vertigo (even assisting your pets and children with this too)!

Parasol Plant Essence is also helpful for processing information that is difficult to take in, but necessary to hear – such as for disciplinary reasons when dealing with behavioral issues in children (and adults), and/or in processing “bad” or unfortunate news (and the resultant trauma and shock that ensues). This Essence can also help you become increasingly receptive to the ideas and energies others, allowing you to assimilate incoming information with greater ease. It may be beneficial if you’re in a foreign culture and/ or communicating with people who are from a different ideology, social status, and/ or age group than you.

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