Ohi’a Lehua Flower Essence

Ohi’a Lehua tree flowers are the first to grow out of the lava on the slopes of the active volcano of Kilauea on the Big Island of Hawaii. The roots of the Ohia tree reach deep down in the lava, which relates to the past and/or ancestral realm, helping you to feel more connected with those who have come before you, even a lost part of yourself. Its essence helps you to adapt to your surroundings no matter what they may be, to evolve as life necessitates. It’s an energizing and potent Essence that can help you to overcome stagnation and inertia and empower you to find ways to not just survive, but to thrive in, and succeed, in any situation or environment.

In Hawaiian tradition, Ohi’a and Lehua were lovers who were separated by the jealous volcano goddess Pele, who turned Ohi’a into a tree. The separated lover Lehua became distraught- so traumatized was she by this that even Pele came to feel sorry for her. Pele thus turned Lehua into a flower on the Ohi’a tree, thereby allowing the lovers to be reunited once again, for as long as the Ohi’a tree should flourish. This reunification of the lovers lends itself to the masculine and feminine properties of the Ohi’a Lehua flower essence; by coming together in wholeness, two halves, male and female, are allowed to complete one another. Ohi’a Lehua Flower Essence is, accordingly, believed to help you move into your own place of wholeness, connecting with the creative energy that manifests from the unification of the lovers. That is, the masculine and feminine coming together to birth new creation into existence, to manifest abundance and cultivate its consciousness.

In fact, it is because of this story that native Hawaiians refer to a person who is strong-willed and resilient as “pua Lehua”, paying homage to the flowers on the Ohi’a tree. To this day, its essence continues to teach lessons of perseverance, determination, creation and unification. It encourages you to come together in harmony and wholeness (both within yourself as well as within your surroundings), and compelling you both to release any fears concerning scarcity and/or lack and also to persevere and have faith, knowing that the abundance you seek shall find you. As such, it’s an excellent Essence to work with if you are going through a challenging time, and need to find the inner strength to plow through. It may also benefit you if you are struggling with feelings of abandonment or neglect, or have been driven away from your lover or partner due to powers beyond your control.”