Ohai Essence

An endangered native flower with ancient roots, Native Hawaiian Ohai is a strong and persevering flower whose essence helps you persevere in life’s challenges. It has strong ties to the islands and can help you connect to the sacred energy of the Aloha Spirit. Its essence teaches you to evolve and adapt to any condition or circumstance in life and to have faith that you will come through on the other side even stronger. Ohai Essence furthermore strengthens your internal life force energy and helps you increase your mana (or inner power) which relates to your long term energy reserves (which are rendered essential during times of challenge). If you have been energetically depleted by life’s hardships, Ohai is a wonderful Essence to choose. Ohai Essence, like the plant, carries the energy of Spirit (or fire) and thus relates to the Volcano Goddess Pele, who protects the islands with her fiery wrath. However, because of its action on your upper-upper (or ascension) chakras, it inspires transformation through transcendence, and the embrace of altruism, oneness, and harmony.

Tip: If you find yourself stuck or facing a difficult environment, try working with Ohai Essence daily overtime and document any changes you see.